Nothing beats winter in Minneapolis where inches of snow can pile up over your gutter or your roof overnight. You wake up to the

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cold and ice ridges hanging by your roof and you tell yourself: “If only I can clean all these by myself!”

Perhaps you can, perhaps you can’t. Ice dams are produced because of two reasons: Substantial snow and poor roof design, insulation and air circulation of the roof of your home. When snow start piling up on your roof and the temperature continues to go below freezing point, the heat from the house that evaporates through the roof causes the snow to start melting but not entirely to turn into water, thus, ice dams are formed – these are the hanging ridges of ice you see on your roof. It looks much like decorative pieces, only that it could be dangerous for people passing directly under it. It is also during this season in Minneapolis when your gutters are jam-packed with snow that causes the drainage system to be dysfunctional. Your usual daily routines are now interrupted with worries of acquiring injuries or accidents because of these ice dams – something that needs to be addressed immediately.

If the ice dam is vigorously leaking its way into your home, you need to lessen the damage by using a fan. You can aim it using cold air blowing towards the area of the roof where there is leakage; the cold air will help solidify and refreeze the water into ice which can stop the leaking. Now you can either remove the snow on the roof which entails proper know-how and skill as this could be very dangerous, or you can call ice dam removal services in your area. Minneapolis has many ice dam companies that can help you with this problem. Try finding the best one that can immediately address the issue. You can ask your neighbours for reference (perhaps they’ve utilized one or two ice dam removal service) or better yet, research online for the nearest ice dam removal company.

This is something people living in low climate places need to learn about. It is unfortunate that we cannot do something with the outside temperature and climate but we can always take time to learn about quick fixes that can help address the problem.

Winter does not have to be something people dread; the snow can be fun, the cold can be cozy for wine and candle-lit dinners. We just need to learn basic adaptive measures to help deal with these natural occurrences, after all, safety is always first.

When you learn about these simple how-to’s, you can definitely start enjoying winter season with your families. While others wish for winter to be over, you can sit back, relax and take your time enjoying the season change while your safety is safeguarded. You no longer need to worry about the falling ice dam or the leaking in your attic; you can safely go on with your usual daily activities spared from all the worrying.



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