Dutch lap siding is a kind of material that is used for building. It is also known as German laps siding or cover siding.  It is mostly used as a finish to protect the walls of a building or structure. It is made up of thin planks that are installed in a horizontal row overlapping each other. This creates a look that is similar to traditional clapboard. The Dutch lap siding has a very unique profile when compared to other options available in the market one of the reasons why many people use it nowadays.

It generally features a beveled or square look. All the rows project from the exterior wall at quite a deep angle. They also have a recessed curve that is located at the top of the plank.  This allows the Dutch lap siding to fit more tightly when installed against a wall. Parts of the recessed area still remain visible after installation is completed.  This contributes to the unique appearance of the siding. In the past, the siding was manufactured from pine, cedar and wood. Alternate materials are used for modern versions which help to reduce costs and maintenance necessities.  Fiber cement boards can also be used to lengthen the life span of the sidings. Vinyl and hardboard versions offer affordable options of the products. You can also find wood and aluminum options that come with various advantages and drawbacks.

Width of the Dutch lap siding usually varies with the brand.  The same applies to depth and length of the recessed curve.  You have the option of either using textured or smoothed sidings depending on the results you want to achieve. Painted and stained varieties are also available if you want to try them out. It is also possible to have them finished at the construction site if you are looking for a more custom look.

There are some manufacturers who offer Dutch lap siding that feature tri lock panels.  This allows the overlaps to stay right and flat thus producing cleaner and smoother lines for a great looking finished appearance.  This option is preferred by many individuals as it is strong and can be used in any type of weather without a problem. In addition to this, it also helps prevent heat & ultraviolet degradation and provides great impact resistance. You can also choose the colors you think will suit the house best.

You can either shop for Dutch lap siding from online or off line shops depending on which is convenient. Compare different store to see what is on offer in order to get the best option for your house. If you don’t have an idea on how to get it installed, there is no need of forcing issues as you can call in a professional to handle the task.  Vet the person you decide to work with to ensure the job is done right. You can ask for reference from someone who has already worked on their siding to get a reliable and efficient professional. You should also consider the cost to hire an affordable professional.

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