Thanks to advancement in technology and manufacturing of new products, modern kitchen designs are cropping up everyday right left and center.  This means that if you want to have your kitchen remodeled there are a number of ideas that you can work with to find something that you will absolutely love. Some of the latest trends that can be used for a modern kitchen include:

Cabinetry- most manufacturers are leaning towards the use of white cabinets and darker natural wood like mahogany and walnut. Overwrought, fussy and over detailed cabinets seem to be a thing of the past. These have been substituted with drawer fronts and slab panel doors.

Counter tops- marble and light colored Quartz counter tops are becoming more popular as the days go by. Many contractors are working with specifically with gold marble and Calcutta. Granite is slowly being phased out especially the heavily veined multi tonal type. In places where granite is used, the polished one is avoided and replaced with flamed or honed options.

Hardware– finger pulling is becoming prominent in the modern kitchen while decorative pulls are slowly being frowned upon. The main aim of this is to create less visual clutter by either incorporating finger grabs on top of doors or cutting into the panels lips.

Stainless steel products – these have very low chances of being removed from the picture. This is evident from the real estate section that uses this as one of the main selling point. The reason for this is the fact that they are made from high quality material, function well and last for a very long time. There are some kitchens that also have stainless steel finishes. This was in response to the need of industry materials that are easy to clean.

Integrated appliances- in the modern kitchen, you will most likely find two or more appliances that have already been integrated in the room.  These include things like under the counter refrigerator and dish washer drawers. In addition to this you can also find integrated sink tops. These are really fun to work with in the kitchen.

Social kitchensthe kitchen is no longer a room to prepare meals and cook them as it is slowly being turned into a social hub. Modern designs incorporate large spaces that can be used for prep working, cooking and dining. The section that was previously used for the breakfast table has now been transformed into a sitting area. This gives enough space for the kids to do their homework and spread out their projects and the same time gives parents a place for prepping meals in a spacious and social manner.

Horizontal oriented grain- you will notice that the modern kitchen makes slight adjustments to popular materials to come up with a fresh and exciting new look. This was made significant after the introduction of open floor plan. The grain helps to visually extend the space while integrating utilitarian space into a finish palette that resembles the one used in the main living room.  You can consult with a home improvement specialist to know the best trends that can be used in your kitchen.

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