When faced with persistent ice dams on your roof, it may be time to find ice dams removal experts to handle the situation.  Other than the cost and whether they have the relevant insurance and licenses for operation, some of the questions that you might ask to pick the best include:

Track record-look at previous work that the professionals have done to know what kind of a record they hold.  Great professionals will have worked on numerous projects successfully. This also means that they will also have a list of clients that you can talk to, to find out if they are really as good as they claim. In line with this, it is also important to look at how the ice dams’ removal professionals handle any complaints that are forwarded to them. You should automatically avoid working with a professional who have never had any single complaint. Even the best of contractors normally have to deal with various disputes once in a while. Ask the professional to explain the problem and the steps that were taken to come up with an effective solution. The question here is not really if they have had any disputes but what happened after complaints were filled.

Workmanship warranty– most of the time the ice dams’ removal professionals normally offer workmanship warranties of about 12 – 24 months. Longer warranties are usually not more valuable than the shorter ones.  The length of the warranty is usually not as important as its intent as well as the ability of the professional to stand behind it. An incredible contractor usually performs well beyond the timelines of the warranty because he/she knows that this is what grows and develops customer loyalty which leads to increased referrals.  Avoid working with professionals who offer unbelievable warranties. This is because this might only be used as a sales tool. It is also important to note that long term warranties are usually offered by the manufacturer.

Specific questions for the project- make sure you ask the ice dams removal professionals whether there are any permits that are required for the job to be done. If there are any, they are supposed to make sure they take them from the relevant authorities to make sure that there are no problems when the project begins. It is also important to make sure that you work with professionals who have their own tools for the trade.

Clean up- it is important that you find ice dams removal professionals who will clean up when they are done working on your roof.  It is best if this is done on a daily basis as a means of enhancing safety and exposure issues. This way, you will not have any extra duties to perform after they have packed their bags and left.

It is also important that you look for professionals who will present numerous options for ice dam removal solutions. This should be well explained stating the pros and cons to pick the method that is most appropriate for your property. You should also make sure that payment issues are taken care of before hiring the professionals to be on the safe side.


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