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Renovations to Increase Resale Value

When deciding to do a big renovation to your home, you will most likely wonder what will add the most value to my home?  There are many different things you can do to add value to your home but updating and upgrading the kitchen will make a huge difference.

A kitchen is place to have the potential for work and play.  Counter space is a must to fulfill cooking, baking and hosting needs.  Storage is another big one, and you can never have enough.  There are so many ‘smaller’ appliances that need a place to go and not take up counter space.  Upgrading your appliances isn’t exactly cheap but having them all be the same manufacturer and color will make buyers more interested.  One more thing that doesn’t hurt to change is the countertops.  Granite is a very popular countertop but there are other nice options that can add value to you kitchen.  Examples would be concrete or butcher’s block.

Another room that buyers always remember looking at is the bathroom.  If you are doing a big remodel take close note to the layout of the bathroom.  Whatever kind space you a working with, utilize it to make the most of the space.  Upgrade things like linoleum to a nice tile.  Or old brass hardware to a nice brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze hardware,  A fresh coat of new paint always helps a space look nice as well.

Lastly, many finish off their basement to add resale value to the home.  This can be a very big project but finishing all of that living space can be very helpful to the buyers.  Buyers may see a finished basement as one thing they won’t have to do.  If done correctly with admirable construction work and nice finishes the resale of your home with these renovations can make your return on investment be anywhere from 75 to 100%!  So make a plan, update and upgrade to improve your resale value.