Welcome to Gutter Helmet of Minnesota. Gutter Helmet has been the industry leader when it comes to gutter guards, keeping homeowners off the ladder and eliminating the nasty gutter cleaning chore since 1981. Gutter Helmet’s multi patented design along with its state of the art engineering will keep seeds, leaves, and pine needles out while handling the heaviest of rainfalls. Gutter Helmet has mastered the concept of surface tension and by doing so it has been tested to handle 22” of rain in an hour which is nearly twice the hourly rainfall ever recorded.
Gutter Helmet’s design features heavy duty support brackets which makes it capable of handling both high winds but also heavy snow loads during those nasty Minnesota Winters. Gutter Helmet’s gutter guard system can be retrofit over existing gutters or over new gutters depending on your needs. Gutter Helmet is designed to blend with your home and is installed by only Gutter Helmet Certified Installers so you can have peace of mind with the highest quality of workmanship. Gutter Helmet can also adapt to most types of roofs including asphalt, metal and cedar shakes. With Gutter Helmet you will never clean your gutters again, and if they ever clog, we will clean them for free!

Winter Ice Issues

Gutter Helmet also offered our one-of-a-kind Helmet Heat Ice Reduction System.  This unique system is designed to prevent ice at the edge of the roof as well as the gutters, downspouts and valleys if needed.  Ice dams can be wreak havoc on your home allowing water to penetrate your home during the winter and also the spring thaw.  Helmet Heat can help make these issues a thing of the past.  This self-regulating heat cable is hidden underneath the Gutter Helmet thus radiating the Gutter Helmet panels to prevent ice from freezing on your gutter system.  The unique thing about Helmet Heat is due to the fact that the cables are hidden under the system there is no unsightly heat cables draped onto the roof which often overheat and burn out.Winter Ice Issues

Seamless Gutters

Over time you have either designed your home or have chosen to take on a renovation. You’ve chosen the style of roof, windows, siding and other exterior elements. Now, with the GenGo Decorative Gutter System, choosing the style of gutter that will best complement your home is now yours. The GenGo Gutter System gives you multiple different styles to choose from. GenGo Gutters create a visual effect

that is distinctive and will give your home that custom look that it truly deserves. They are fabricated with the highest quality materials so not only are you assured of a unique and beautiful appearance, but will also give you the strength and durability to withstand the Minnesota winters. The Gengo Gutter also is designed to handle up to 79% more water than traditional gutters.  They also come standard with custom mitered corners which not only enhance the appearance but will help prevent future leaks. For Total Home Protection you can combine them with our exclusive Gutter Helmet gutter protection system.

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