Minnesota Construction Law Services provides affordable, quality, reliable legal and business services for owner-operated businesses and residential contractors including home builders, remodelers, renovation contractors, and restoration contractors. They focus on serving only contractors so you can be confident that they have your best interests as their top priority.

Owners of residential construction companies benefit from their business-focused method of providing legal services. Bill Gschwind holds an MBA in addition to being an attorney. As a former business owner, he understands that a good business solution is often better than a great legal solution and knows when to pull which tool from his toolbox. MNCLS believes it is better and more economical to help your company grow and to protect what you build than it is to be a janitor, cleaning up messes.

Their services include preparing contracts, helping collect what you’re owed (including mechanics’ liens where appropriate), represent you in DOLI investigations, be your advocate in litigation, defend you from frivolous warranty claims, and improve your subcontractor relationships.

You can contact Minnesota Construction Law Services by telephone at (651) 470-3669 or via their website portal.