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Charles Thayer

Founder / General Manager
(763) 458-3087

Charles Thayer

Born in the Dominican Republic & raised in the Twin Cities, Charles has been with All Around ever since the beginning. Before founding All Around, he worked as a Loan Officer & in the mortgage industry for 8 years before deciding to strike it out on his own. Charles is known for his innate ability to establish, nurture, and maintain relationships with both clients & staff alike. His philosophy is to put the needs & happiness of clients and customers above all else. Ensuring customer satisfaction first & foremost is what has helped propel All Around into a successful business that now stretches across multiple states. In his words, “The money & success will come as a secondary result to conducting our business in such a fashion”. When Charles isn’t overseeing home improvement projects or recording commercials & radio advertisements, he enjoys the outdoors & golfing. He dreams of establishing All Around as a household name when it comes to contractors in the midwest & is definitely on path to accomplish just that!

Grew in Minnetonka right by Ridgedale Mall. Charles and his wife, Simone, started All Around when the economy was tanking in 2008. They saw potential in homes that were foreclosed on and specialized in making them marketable again for their client. Charles balances being a father of 3 girls, being the visionary for All Around and is an avid outdoorsman. Golfing, fishing and more bow hunting is what he loves to do in his spare time.


Charles’ burning desire is to one day live in the mountains with his wife and chase their outdoor dreams.
Favorite Quote: Be honest with everyone about everything, especially when it’s the hardest thing to do.
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Chicken & Rice
Favorite Rock Band: Metallica
Favorite thing to say after sentences: Chyah!