In 2008, Charles Thayer (Founder and General Manager) and his wife Simone (President) found themselves like a lot of other Americans, in tough financial times. Due to the housing industry crisis, Charles’ practice as a Mortgage Broker was failing and the Thayers found themselves facing foreclosure and filing for bankruptcy. The idea came to Charles one day that since he and his family were facing the loss of their home, a lot of other people would be too. He then realized that all of these homes would need to be cleaned out and rehabbed in order to prepare them for the open market. Simone eagerly stepped up as the cleaning expert since she already had experience and Charles turned to his self-marketing and customer service background. In August of 2008 they formed the entity ‘All Around Property Preservation’. Charles started reaching out to Realtors that listed repossessed properties, for the banks that owned them, in order to spread the word about the newly formed company. Charles was quoted to have said when forming the company, in frustration with his former profession “I can’t wait to have my first toilet to clean!” It wasn’t long before he got his wish. Both of them had their first house to “trash out” and clean up within days!

Once the orders from the agents started, they never stopped and only increased due to the housing crisis. All Around started a buzz quickly in the Real Estate Community by being friendly, available, a little tech savvy and always held a good sense of humo. The Realtors were not used to this type of positive experience when dealing with most Contractors…. As the volume of incoming orders increased, Charles increased All Around’s workforce in the field in order to meet the high demand. Charles then brought on a friend, Jordan Muehlberg (now Vice President), to help with all of the operations. Shortly after, All Around became a fully licensed General Contractor in its first year of operation and quickly became much more versatile and able to accommodate client’s needs. The orders turned from just cleaning and trashing out properties, to repairs and eventually to fully rehabbing properties for maximum re-sale value. All Around was turning into a very popular resource for Agents and banks that wanted an all-inclusive answer to giving a property it’s full potential.

After about 1 year, Simone was also able to excuse herself substantially from the business in order to focus on one of the hardest jobs of all, Being a Mother….raising a household of 5 including 3 daughters and a bunch of animals too. All Around began to hit their stride at the end of it’s second year when they earned a contract with two of the five largest banks in the country, eventually earning a third with another of the five. Longtime friend of Charles and Jordan, Nick Zeman (now Chief Operations Officer), was recruited to join the All Around family to help with operations, but to also help build what is the All Around name and company that you know today. Nick had a knack for roofing and siding and brought a wealth of knowledge with him that would prove to be invaluable.

In 2011 when our economy was still trying to recover, All Around was the largest rehabbing contractor in MN. They earned a top 50 Remodeler in the Country Award by Remodeling Inc Magazine, were named fasted growing privately owned business in Minnesota, and won the Best Places to work Award by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. The growth was great for the guys, but the memory of their previous professions going through a “bubble burst” always loomed over their heads. They quickly realized that they would need to diversify and offer new services to other target markets. The guys took a chance and started offering exterior repair and remodeling services to everyday homeowners. To get the word out, the guys started advertising on a few local radio stations. The ads were okay at first, but once the guys infused it with their sense of humor, the ads became unforgettable. Hence the ‘adorable jingle’ you’ve probably heard one too many times.

In 2014 the real estate market had just about corrected itself and the All Around guys had to make some tough decisions. It’s a good thing the company had stayed 100% debt free and also took some of the earnings along the way and reinvested it back into the business when they did, or they may not have had any decisions to make at all. The All Around Guys were able to shift all of it’s resources and efforts into focusing on what they love to do the most, exterior remodeling and repair services.

Today All Around is known as one of the few, branded and truly trusted names in exteriors around the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. They are extremely proud of their reputation and if you read their online reviews, you will understand why. They also host their very own home improvement radio show where Nick and Charles have a lot of fun shooting zingers at each other while helping out listeners with home improvement related content. They take live calls and have different guests on each week that represent a specific trade or service related to home improvements. Their branding and reputation combined with their team of genuinely talented tradesmen is making the business rapidly grow again. The All Around guys have something special, a commitment to their families, their customers, their community, and to each other. A mindset that is sure to continue breeding success…