Asphalt is the most common roofing material and your best overall value.

Does it make your roof stand out from the neighbors? No.

Does it give you the best combination of quality protection with a quality look? Yes.

Recommended Brand: Owens Corning

If anyone tries to sell you on 3-tab asphalt roof shingles, walk away. It’s not a good option, and frankly, no one should be offering it anymore. Moving on …

Now we’re talking. Architectural asphalt shingles are the standard. And because All Around is an Owens Corning® Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor, we can offer you a 50-year non-prorated warranty—something very few others can match.

This is a thicker asphalt shingle, generally used on more expensive homes. It gives you an even stronger defense against hail and storm damage, and it looks fantastic.


Flat roofs are great if you live in the desert. In Minnesota, they present a bit of challenge (hint: leakage).

If you can avoid a flat roof, do it. But if you already have one and it needs replacing, we’ve got you covered.

Recommended Brand: MuleHide

This is a self-adhering 2-ply system with a base sheet and a cap sheet. While it’s not the longest-lasting product on the market, it’s for sure the most cost-effective. (Isn’t that usually how things work?)

This is a 60-millimeter rubber membrane, basically the same material as inner-tube rubber. It comes in 12-ft. widths and has fewer seams than the rolled option, so it’s better at keeping out water … though it’s also a little pricier.

TPO stands for “thermoplastic olefin.” This is more of a commercial roof material, but it’s not out of the question for homes. It’s durable stuff and fits pretty much any home style in white, light gray and black color options. But it’s still fairly new, so it doesn’t have quite the track record of other materials.


The elegance of cedar shakes is tough to beat, but not much else is “tough” about wood shingles.

If you’re willing to deal with the higher maintenance of a wood-shingle roof because you’ve just gotta have that Cape Cod vibe, then we’re 100% behind you.

Recommended Brands: Cedar Bureau Certified®

These smaller-sized shingles give you a highly detailed look that most people find appealing, but they’re thinner, less durable and more labor-intensive to install.

These are the more common 10-inch cedar shakes. They’re thicker than the 5-inch option, and a bit easier to install. Because they’re hand-split, they also give you the most rustic look.

These 7-inch cedar shakes are machine-cut to give you a uniform roof that’s basically the opposite of the rustic, hand-split look.


If you’re looking for a low- to no-maintenance roof, then steel is for you. Steel roofs give you long-lasting color, algae resistance and the ultimate protection against water and ice dams. The only downsides: the price … and the fact that many steel roofs can diminish cellphone reception inside your house. Seriously.

Recommended Brand: EDCO®

Low-maintenance, long-lasting and affordable, this is a great option for out buildings. Of course, if you don’t want that “out building” look, then you should probably consider other options. These panels also have exposed fasteners, so they may need replacing in 15-20 years.

This option provides awesome drainage and looks more contemporary look than R Panels. And since the fasteners are hidden, they’ll last longer as well. The downside: It’s more of a commercial look, and it’s 3x the cost of asphalt.

Metal shakes are getting more popular—probably because they give you all the benefits of metal (drainage, durability, color) in a more residential look. The only con: that whole “cost” thing. Like standing-seam roofs, metal shakes can be 3x pricier than asphalt.


Hey, if you want to go high-end, why not use the same material that’s on the dome of the St. Paul Cathedral? Sure, it’ll eventually turn green, but it’s pretty impressive. Either way, we’ll help you get the job done, and we’ll do it right!

*Images are a mix of our own, our suppliers’, and general web examples to best help you visualize your roofing options.