Vinyl has come a long way over the years, and today it offers you more color and quality options than ever. It’s still “entry-level” siding—and it’ll fade after about 20 years—but it’s also refreshingly low-maintenance and easy on the wallet. Keep in mind that we can add insulation to any vinyl siding.

Preferred Brand: Norandex®, Mitten®


Steel siding is extremely durable and low-maintenance. The lines are cleaner than vinyl. The pre-finished colors last a lifetime. And it gives you an unmatched option for uniformity and toughness.

Preferred Brand: Edco


Engineered siding gives you a realistic, natural look with lifetime finishes and performance. Of course, with this “luxury” look comes luxury pricing, generally 2.5x the cost of vinyl.

Preferred Brand: LP/Hardie

This tough engineered-wood product is hail’s worst enemy. Made from a clever combination of materials, LP SmartSide keeps out water, insects, woodpeckers and mold. It also comes in several long-lasting pre-finished options and colors, and nearly unlimited profiles—making it a tremendous value in engineered siding.

Often called “Hardie Board,” this is a fiber-cement material that’s been around awhile now and is used in new and upper-end construction projects.

*Images are a mix of our own, our suppliers’, and general web examples to best help you visualize your siding options.